Welcome, Real Estate Professionals!

The Commission’s programs help bridge the financial gap for qualified buyers who need a little help. By partnering with us, you can reach more clients and help more families achieve the dream of homeownership.

How can this help my business?

Real Estate Professionals
“We continue to have great success getting people  into a home of their own with these Commission programs.“    --The Lipinski Team, Vancouver, Wash.

With the Commission's programs in your toolkit:

You can connect renters with the boost they need to become homebuyers.

We work with a wide range of loan types—and we offer assistance with the downpayment and closing costs.

DPRNorthwest MLS members: New! Now there’s an easier way to connect homebuyers with downpayment assistance!

Who can use your programs?

Income up to $180,000 a year

Buying anywhere in the state of Washington

How can I learn more?

Information Sheet for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals FAQ

Take our training. Our monthly trainings tell you everything you need to know about our home-loan programs. You’ll earn six clock hours for continued education—plus, you can become an instructor of our homebuyer education seminars.

Invite us to your office. We’re happy to come and meet with you or give a presentation to you and your colleagues.

Why should I teach homebuyer classes?

Every homebuyer who uses a Commission home loan must take one of our free seminars. As a real-estate professional partnered with a Commission-trained loan officer to teach the classes, you can connect with first-time and repeat homebuyers who are just starting the process, and expand your client base.

Seminar Set Up for Instructors

Resources for Real Estate Professionals

Upcoming Trainings

The Commission’s Home Loan Programs and Homebuyer Education Instructor Training

Promotional materials

Here to Home Brochure

Here to Home Flyer – customizable to add your contact info

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Here to Home Poster

Resources for Your Clients

Find a homebuyer education seminar near you

Find a Commission-approved lender

Find a pre-homeownership counseling provider

About Our Homeownership Programs

Home Loans – Home Advantage and House Key Opportunity

Downpayment Assistance


Disclaimer: The Commission does not endorse a person, business practice, product or service other than those of the Commission.


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