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Loan Officers who have helped the most homebuyers to use WSHFC Programs last year

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Stephanie Search 

Stephanie Search, Summit Funding, Inc., Kennewick
Stephanie has a unique experience and perspective which has helped hundreds of families successfully navigate the road to home ownership. Stephanie started in the real estate side of the business having great success while raising a family. She made a career move to the title and escrow side of the business gaining valuable knowledge that would translate into a higher level of service for her clients. She put all that experience in lending in 2014 and has become a valuable asset to any and all first-time home buyers. Stephanie is known for her get it done no quit attitude. The Washington State Housing Finance Commission programs are a great tool that Stephanie often uses to help her clients accomplish their dream of home ownership. If you are ready to take the first step towards home ownership, we believe there has never been a better time than now. Stephanie and her team can be reached at 509-783-4593, NMLS #1270734


Trevor Roberge 

Trevor Roberge, Capstone Home Loans, Lynnwood
There's nothing more rewarding than helping a first-time homebuyer accomplish their goal of home ownership when they thought it wasn't possible. Partnering with the Commission gives Trevor the ability to provide practical options to his clients, and the ability to empower them with knowledge and confidence through the purchase process. Not only do buyers get to purchase a home, they get to begin their journey of wealth-building for their future. With 17 years in the finance industry, Trevor provides expertise in many ways, from mortgage consulting to personal banking. Trevor provides solutions for first-time home buyers, military veterans, and anyone else looking to accomplish the dream of homeownership. Contact Trevor at 425-765-6605 or MLO #71646



Chad Crithfield 

Chad Crithfield, Prime Lending, Richland
I utilize the Commission programs for borrowers who need down payment or some assistance to help them get their families into a new home. It’s a very easy program to use and the clients really enjoy it as well. I have been providing residential mortgages for the past 30 years. I love the excitement at closing when the clients receive keys for the first time. Contact Chad at 509-539-8043 or email MLO #405719



Mark Carroll 

Mark Carroll
First-time homebuyers face an intimidating process when buying a new home. Mark specializes in working with first timers, as he truly enjoys explaining the process, educating, & counseling buyers to assure they have solid guidance & gain confidence that their purchase will help meet their financial and family goals. Commission programs give many buyers the opportunity to own a home by removing a main obstacle that most people face, which allows them to start creating wealth through homeownership. Mark has been in the lending industry for over 19 years. He started in the mortgage industry after a career in professional baseball where he played in the Seattle Mariners organization for over 7 years. Experience and integrity are critical to a successful lending relationship. Whether one is buying their first home or an experienced investor, Mark strives to provide options that will suit their situation best and believes everyone deserves to be a priority.



Laura Wells 

Laura Wells, Envoy Mortgage, Spokane
As a dedicated financing advisor, Laura feels the Commission’s programs including the Home Advantage, House Key, and HomeChoice programs, are among the most powerful and unique ways to meet borrower’s financial goals. Laura is passionate about improving lives through homeownership and one of the ways she assists borrowers is by instructing Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminars in the Spokane area. Laura Wells has over 31 years of experience in mortgage lending and has helped more than 3,900 families in Washington on their path to homeownership. Laura works with her clients from pre-qualification to keys in their hands, and how to reach their long-term financial goals. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Spokane area, please contact Laura at 877-862-8362 (toll free) or 509-590-1438, or email MLO #330328



Angelina Rice 

Angelina Rice, Life Mortgage – Longview
Angelina has been in lending for over 18 years. She is very passionate about what she does and believes that home ownership builds pride, confidence, and self-esteem in a person. Angelina thinks the Commission loan programs are wonderful for the buyer needing 100% financing and can also be a tool for someone who needs assistance with closing costs. Contact Angelina at 360-414-4000 or email MLO #310329.



Christy King 

Christy King, Wheatland Bank, Spokane
When you’re faced with choosing a mortgage—one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime—Christy King has more than 21 years of experience helping clients achieve their real estate dreams. Employing her broad knowledge of loan processing and originating, she will help educate you about the wide selection of products, helping you make an informed and confident decision. Proud of her reputation for listening to each client’s individual situation and needs, Christy will work hard to lower your stress and avoid surprises by keeping you informed through every step of the loan process. Christy feels that the Commission’s home loans provide a great way for homebuyers to achieve their goals with flexible terms unique financing options, whether you are a first-time buyer or have owned many homes. If you are looking to buy a home in Spokane, we invite you to contact Christy at 509-599-5911 or MLO #487478



Jason Gosser 

Jason Gosser, Guild Mortgage, Everett
I use the commission programs to help first time homebuyers buy homes with little or no money out of pocket money which in turn helps create and support healthy, growing, and thriving communities. A western Washington native, I have been a mortgage loan officer in the Seattle metro area for over twenty-five years. Though this experience has given me a wealth of knowledge in home loans, my ability to listen to my borrowers gives me the best insight to meet their needs. Contact Jason at or 425-615-6303. MLO #120413



Kerwin Lyon 

Kerwin Lyon
The Commission’s down payment assistance programs are a great tool to maximize financing options for first time home buyers. One of the recurring questions my clients ask is "How much money for a down payment and closing costs do I need to have saved up?" Knowing that there are ways to overcome a large down payment that some loan programs require, I can assist home buyers achieve their goals of home ownership earlier than they would have expected. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and have enjoyed giving people the opportunity to check off "Washington Home Owner" from their bucket list every year. I am fortunate to have a diverse, down-to-earth team and together, we not only strive for but are committed to providing a smooth home buying experience. Feel free to contact me at 425-652-3333 or



Linda Orozco 

Linda Orozco
I believe home ownership is essential to building strong communities. With the Commission’s downpayment assistance programs, we can create homeownership for approximately 25% more families in our area. Being able to offer this financing is essential for Central Washington. I've lived in Yakima my entire life and I enjoy all it has to offer. I've been in real estate lending for over 30 years - my career was launched with helping first time buyers and I've been grateful to serve so many families. Your biggest investment will be handled with care, right here in Central WA. We enjoy the greatest of technology, while being able to assist you personally as well. As a team, we are HERE FOR YOU, every step of the journey!



Gordon Drane 

Gordon Drane, Umpqua Bank, Kennewick
Gordon Drane, a lifelong Washington native, has been in the mortgage business for 43 years. These 43 years include experience in underwriting, processing, and originating loans. Gordon specializes in helping first-time homebuyers. Last year Gordon helped 43 first time homebuyers obtain their first home with the help of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission programs. He takes great pride in helping homebuyers achieve their dreams and goals. Gordon strives to communicate openly and honestly to create a positive and lasting experience. He has great knowledge of the Commission’s programs, as well as FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional programs. Please call Gordon Drane at 509-491-6826 or email him at to achieve your goal of homeownership! MLO #420506




Listed are the top five in each region with a minimum of two WSHFC loans in the last quarter, January - March 2022*.

County: Benton | Chelan | Clallam | Clark | Cowlitz | Franklin | Grant | Grays Harbor | King | Kitsap | Kittitas | Lewis | Mason | Pierce | Skagit | Snohomish | Spokane | Stevens | Thurston | Walla Walla | Whatcom | Yakima 

Benton County

Elizabeth Wilkerson, Summit Funding, Kennwick, 12 loans*, 509-783-4593,

Chad Crithfield, Prime Lending, Richland, 11 loans*, 509-539-8043,

Mark Carroll, Homebridge Financial Services, Kennewick, 10 loans*, 509-420-0236,

Jonas Rosenberg, , Summit Funding, Kennewick, 7 loans*, 509-783-4593, 

Luis Campos, Umpqua Bank, Kennewick, 4 loans*, 509-491-6096,

Michael Castillo, Homestreet Bank, Richland, 4 loans*, 509-222-1422,

Chelan County

Cathy Rixey, Guild Mortgage, Wenatchee, 2 loans*, 509-293-9248,

Clay Shoengarth, , Caliber Home Loans, Wenatchee, 2 loans*, 509-264-7102,

Clallam County

Debbie Rutherford, Evergreen Home Loans, Port Angeles, 3 loans*, 360-477-5863,

Clark County

Sandi Milohov, Guild Mortgage, Vancouver, 7 loans*, 360-270-9192,

Rochelle Gano, Movement Mortgage, Vancouver, 4 loans*, 360-696-4266,

Roya Spain, Celebrity Home Loans, Vancouver, 4 loans*, 360-946-8186,

Angie Stillman, Guild Mortgage, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-609-3022,

Deanna McClelland, Gateway Mortgage, Vancouver, 5 loans*, 503-505-4346,

Debra McCloud, Umpqua Bank, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-449-8012,

Donald Owen, Guild Mortgage, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-635-3653,

Gary Lawrence, Pinnacle Capitol Mortgage, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-433-0330,

Jim Misner, Cardinal Financial, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-518-6308,

Joel Coonrod, Academy Mortgage, Battle Ground, 3 loans*, 360-619-2599,

Leslie Girard, Evergreen Home Loans, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-553-7049,

Mark Howard, Finance of America, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-553-3124,

Rebecca Bustamante, Guild Mortgage, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 971-533-1082,

Travis Laible, Academy Mortgage, Vancouver, 3 loans*, 360-882-1424,

Cowlitz County

Michael Bettineski, Guild Mortgage, Longview, 7 loans*, 360-957-0132,

Angelina Rice, Life Mortgage, Longview, 4 loans*, 360-575-9946,

Kristi Barber, Academy Mortgage, Longview, 4 loans*, 360-957-1757,

Brittany Howells, Life Mortgage, Longview, 3 loans*, 971-777-3321,

Kari-Ann Botero, Academy Mortgage, Kelso, 2 loans*, 360-430-6073,

Franklin County

Nathan Craghill, Wheatland Bank, Pasco, 2 loans*, 509-542-3937,

Grant County

Kelly Price, Guild Mortgage, Moses Lake, 3 loans*, 509-766-7788,

Sarah Bullinger, Movement Mortgage, Moses Lake, 3 loans*, 509-855-3805,

Callie Cunningham, Guild Mortgage, Moses Lake, 2 loans*, 509-766-7788,

Joel Martinez, Envoy Mortgage, Ephrata, 2 loans*, 509-750-6027,

Melanie Strevy, Movement Mortgage, Moses Lake, 2 loans*, 509-855-2345,

Grays Harbor County

Jacqueline Hudlow, Primary Residential Mortgage, Aberdeen, 2 loans*, 360-591-7272,

King County

Kerwin Lyon, Guild Mortgage, Seattle, 11 loans*, 425-652-3333,

Brooke Gibson, HomeSight, Seattle, 9 loans*, 206-305-2672,

Sarah Bender, Mann Mortgage, Bellevue, 7 loans*, 425-220-3492,

Walter Howard, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Federal Way, 6 loans*, 206-920-9258,

June Lu, Movement Mortgage, Renton, 5 loans*, 206-650-0684,

Karin Koenig, Movement Mortgage, Bellevue, 5 loans*, 206-459-1345,

Katy Hawley, Banner Bank, Issaquah, 5 loans*, 425-830-4493,

Nikki Benson, CrossCountry Mortgage, Bellevue, 5 loans*, 206-427-7252,

Kitsap County

Becky Johnson, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, 4 loans*, 360-949-1582,

Ashlee Cameron, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, 3 loans*, 360-949-1592,

Kaitlin Miller, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, 3 loans*, 360-990-3414,

Patrick Brooks, Evergreen Home Loans, Silverdale, 3 loans*, 360-698-6496,

Amber Page, Evergreen Home Loans, Silverdale, 2 loans*, 360-698-6495,

Anthony Cota, Movement Mortgage, Port Orchard, 2 loans*, 253-208-1404,

Donna Miller, Movement Mortgage, Port orchard, 2 loans*, 360-874-0451,

Elizabeth Moore, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, 2 loans*, 360-509-2860,

Keisha Gonia, Primary Residential Mortgage, Bremerton, 2 loans*, 360-620-2099,

Marcy Richards-Twardkowski, Loan Depot, Silverdale, 2 loans*, 206-851-0955,

Meika Hall, Caliber Home Loans, Silverdale, 2 loans*, 360-621-1850,

Tasha Dunlap, Cornerstone Home Lending, Poulsbo, 2 loans*, 360-930-6021,

Tricia Reece, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, 2 loans*, 360-208-0676,


Jon Guddat, Umpqua Bank, Ellensburg, 2 loans*, 509-312-0452,

Lewis County

Jacek Gillispie, Summit Funding, Chehalis, 8 loans*, 360-330-4037,

Travis Wentworth, Academy Mortgage, Centralia, 7 loans*, 360-508-1360,

McKenzie Kelly, Prime Lending, Chehalis, 2 loans*, 360-701-8502,

Mason County

Vickie Nunez, Academy Mortgage, Shelton, 2 loans*, 360-349-4219,

Pierce County

Steven Wright, Movement Mortgage, Puyallup, 5 loans*, 253-230-8622,

Sunny Larsen, Movement Mortgage, Puyallup, 5 loans*, 425-876-4959,

Ricky Gilbert, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Fife, 4 loans*, 253-318-1400,

April Janas, Bay Equity, Puyallup, 3 loans*, 206-841-7825,

Cliff Jones, Cardinal Financial, Tacoma, 3 loans*, 425-298-7081,

Dara Ek, Academy Mortgage, Bonney Lake, 3 loans*, 206-307-1859,

Geoffrey Kaylor, On QQ Financial, Gig Harbor, 3 loans*, 253-238-0028,

Joshua Garber, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Puyallup, 3 loans*, 253-228-2828,

Katharine Moore, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Bonney Lake, 3 loans*, 253-204-2670,

Lauren Laroche, Faiway Independent Mortgage, Puyallup, 3 loans*, 907-350-1753,

Lindsey Waldron, Guild Mortgage, Tacoma, 3 loans*, 253-830-2316,

Michael Fornerette, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Tacoma, 3 loans*, 206-793-4863,

Mike Trombley, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Puyallup, 3 loans*, 253-200-4617,

Nisha Thompson, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Dupont, 3 loans*, 360-556-0087,

Troy Gorelick, 1st Security Bank, Puyallup, 3 loans*, 253-286-3572,

William Dunger, Absolute Mortgage, University Place, 3 loans*, 253-232-5843,

Skagit County

Suzanne Devries, Umpqua Bank, Mount Vernon, 3 loans*, 360-333-0429,

Andrya Corral, Academy Mortgage, Anacortes, 2 loans*, 360-421-4982,

Brandon Boyce Williams, Homebridge Financial, Burlington, 2 loans*, 360-391-5577,

Emily Griffin, Guild Mortgage, Mount Vernon, 2 loans*, 360-420-6175,

Snohomish County

Cameron Lillibridge, Premier Mortgage Resources, Everett, 8 loans*, 425-220-9730,

Jason Gosser, Guild Mortgage, Everett, 8 loans*, 425-615-6303,

Trevor Roberge, Capstone Home Loans, Lynnwood, 7 loans*, 425-765-6605,

Julian Sibley, American Pacific Mortgage, Everett, 5 loans*, 425-293-9535,

Rosa Briggs, American Pacific Mortgage, Everett, 4 loans*, 425-268-0245,

Spokane County

Christy King, Wheatland Bank, Spokane, 12 loans*, 509-458-5965,

Theodore Urlacher, Movement Mortgage, Spokane, 11 loans*, 509-961-3645,

Michelle Fort, Movement Mortgage, Spokane, 6 loans*, 509-389-6088,

Dusty Wetzler, Guardian Mortgage, Spokane, 4 loans*, 509-844-6654,

Hunter Zier, Heritage Home Loans, Spokane, 4 loans*, 509-863-7008,

Laura Wells, Envoy Mortgage, Spokane, 4 loans*, 877-862-8362,

Stevens County

Jennifer Bleggi, American Pacific Mortgage, Nine Mile Falls, 2 loans*, 480-343-3340,

Thurston County

James Nesbit, Academy Mortgage, Tumwater, 4 loans*, 360-556-1469,

Michelle Wickett, Axia Financial, Lacey, 4 loans*, 360-791-0513,

Wendy DeBorde, Guild Mortgage, Olympia, 4 loans*, 360-491-3282,

Brandy Nelms, Caliber Home Loans, Olympia, 3 loans*, 360-280-1467,

Becky Carver, Prime Lending, Centralia, 2 loans*, 360-402-8033,

Josiah Shelman, Guild Mortgage, Olympia, 2 loans*, 360-480-5549,

Malcolm Miller, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Lacey, 2 loans*, 360-556-3322,

Walla Walla County

Tera Davis, Academy Mortgage, Walla Walla, 5 loans*, 509-527-3375,

Whatcom County

Jeff Dowrey, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 5 loans*, 360-661-2161,

Casey Porter, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 3 loans*, 360-510-2840,

Joshua Henry, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 3 loans*, 360-224-0841,

Randy Dorn, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 2 loans*, 360-441-4178,

Yakima County

Angie Giussi, Evergreen Home Loans, Yakima, 7 loans*, 509-969-9900,

Jonathan Barragan, Academy Mortgage, Yakima, 3 loans*, 509-901-0749,

Linda Orozco, Academy Mortgage, Yakima, 3 loans*, 509-907-6200,

Edwin Esquivel, Homebridge Financial Services, Yakima, 2 loans*, 509-480-9654,

Jose Ramos, Cailber Home Loans, Yakima, 2 loans*, 509-833-0140,

Katie Gaumer, Homeside Financial, Yakima, 2 loans*, 509-554-2611,

Pedro Garcia, Homeside Financial, Yakima, 2 loans*, 509-961-5797,

Summer Pineda, Homebridge Financial, Yakima, 2 loans*, 509-594-6828,

* number of WSHFC Loans closed in the last quarter


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