2023 Bond/Tax Credit Program Application

The 2023 Bond/Tax Credit Application Round is closed. The application materials below are for reference only.

Public Housing and Development Authorities only, visit our Non-Commission Bond/Tax Credit Program webpage.

A. Policies (PDF)

B. Points Summary (PDF)

C. 2023 Total Development Cost Limits (PDF)

D. Preapprovals and Notification of Intent to Apply

1. Notification of Intent to Apply (due Feb 3, 2023)
2. Waiver of the Total Development Cost Limits (Excel) (due Feb 3, 2023)

E. Application:

1. Instructions
          a. Application Instructions (PDF)
          b. Application FAQs (PDF)
          d. March 2023 Application Workshop FAQs (PDF)
          c. Application Checklist (Excel)
2. Bond/Tax Credit Addendum Forms (Excel)
3. Bond/Tax Credit Addendum Forms - Portfolio only (Excel)
4. Additional BINs Request Form (Excel)
5. Application Signature Page (DocuSign)

Please note: We are not requiring any documents related to the application to be notarized.

F. Certifications:

1. Certification Regarding Financial Solvency and Litigation Status (PDF)
2. Resolution Granting Signature Authority for Corporations (PDF)
3. Consent Granting Signature Authority for Partnerships and LLCs (PDF)
4. Certification of Ability to Contribute Equity to the Project (PDF)
5. Certification of BIPOC Board Composition
6. Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard (ESDS)
7. Certification Regarding Acquisition Credit (PDF)

G. Utility Incentive Form (PDF)

H. Community Engagement Response Form (Word)

I. Community Engagement Toolkits

1. Equitable Development Engagement Toolkit - Lindquist (PDF)
2. Community Engagement Toolkit (PDF)

J. Novogradac Income Averaging Spreadsheet (Excel)

K. Rent and Income Limits

L. Community Revitalization Plan

1. Washington State Urban Growth Boundary
2. Qualified Census Tract and Difficult Development Areas
3. Comprehensive Opportunity Index
4. Washington Tracking Network’s Information by Location (IBL) Tool

M. Washington State Public Housing Authority List

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