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Loan Officers who have helped the most homebuyers to use WSHFC Programs last year

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Jason Gosser 

Jason Gosser, Guild Mortgage, Everett
A Washington native, Jason has been a loan officer in the Seattle area for more than twenty years. His ability to listen to his borrowers and understand their priorities is what gives him the insight to find the best mortgage program to meet their needs. Jason specializes in loans for first time home buyers, government mortgage programs, and zero down loan programs. His team is dedicated to providing first class customer service to everyone they have the opportunity to help. Using the Commission loan programs helps buyers to be able to purchase a home with a very small or limited down payment, which allows buyers the opportunity for homeownership they might otherwise not have an opportunity to achieve. Contact Jason at or 425-615-6303. MLO #120413



Stephanie Search 

Stephanie Search, Summit Funding, Inc., Kennewick
Stephanie has a unique experience and perspective which has helped hundreds of families successfully navigate the road to home ownership. Stephanie started in the real estate side of the business having great success while raising a family. She made a career move to the title and escrow side of the business gaining valuable knowledge that would translate into a higher level of service for her clients. She put all that experience in lending in 2014 and has become a valuable asset to any and all first-time home buyers. Stephanie is known for her get it done no quit attitude. The Washington State Housing Finance Commission programs are a great tool that Stephanie often uses to help her clients accomplish their dream of home ownership. If you are ready to take the first step towards home ownership, we believe there has never been a better time than now. Stephanie and her team can be reached at 509-783-4593, NMLS #1270734



Ali Sheibani 

Ali Sheibani, HomeSight, Seattle
Amir started in lending over 14 years ago and has focused on helping first-time homebuyers for the last 7 years. For almost 31 years, HomeSight has provided educational and financial support to homebuyers by utilizing the Commission’s first-mortgage and purchase assistance loans then adding HomeSight’s own purchase assistance to maximize buying power. As a non-profit lender, HomeSight strives to provide quality, personalized homeownership opportunities for communities around the state. We almost exclusively use the Commission mortgages because of their competitive rates, fair guidelines and reduced fees. If you have questions or to apply, please contact Ali at 206-760-4228 or MLO 1435927



Laura Wells 

Laura Wells, Envoy Mortgage, Spokane
Laura Wells has over 30 years of experience in mortgage lending and has helped more than 3,900 families in Washington on their paths to homeownership. Laura works with her clients to help them understand the home loan process, from pre-qualification to keys in their hands, and how to reach their long-term financial goals. As a dedicated financing advisor, she feels the Commission’s programs including the Home Advantage, House Key and HomeChoice programs, are among the most powerful and unique ways to meet borrower’s financial goals. Laura is passionate about improving lives through homeownership and one of the ways she helps borrowers is by holding weekly Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminars in the Spokane area. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Spokane area, please contact Laura at 877-862-8362 (toll free) or 509-590-1438, or email MLO #330328


Elizabeth Wilkerson 

Elizabeth Wilkerson, Summit Funding, Inc, Kennewick
Helping borrowers achieve the dream of homeownership is a passion of mine. I enjoy helping first-time homebuyers and Veterans. Summit Funding uses the WSHFC programs to help borrowers that may not have down payment availability to take the steps towards homeownership. There are many options for borrowers to choose from making it a program that isn’t one size fits all and use the programs that best fit the borrowers’ needs. At Summit Funding we are a team and someone is always available to answer questions. Call 509-783-4593 or email MLO #1101097


William Dunger   

William Dunger, Absolute Mortgage, University Place
Bill resides in the Gig Harbor/Tacoma area and serve clients all across the Puget Sound. His drive and motivation to help is second to none. His past clients would tell you his work ethic is unmatched and he is available 24/7! Utilizing WSHFC programs affords Bill the opportunity to fulfill his clients dreams of home ownership. Helping someone purchase their first home with limited funds is essential to the growth of the local economy here in WA. Contact William at 253-232-5843 or email MLO #58033


Angelina Rice

Angelina Rice, Life Mortgage, Longview
Angelina has been in lending for over 18 years. She is very passionate about what she does and believes that home ownership builds pride, confidence, and self esteem in a person. Angelina thinks the Commission loan programs are wonderful for the buyer needing 100% financing, but can also be a tool for someone who also needs assistance with closing costs. Contact Angelina at 360-414-4000 or email MLO #310329




Arijana Wall 

Arijana Wall, loanDepot, LLC, Kirkland
I have a passion for this business and the success of our clients’. I get up every morning with the intention of striving to be better for our clients’. I truly believe that what we do each day has an impact on people's’ lives and take this very seriously. My goal is to empower Washington State residents to reach their homeownership goals in relation to financing their homeownership by utilizing; education and goal planning to build long term financial success. Everyone deserves the opportunity of homeownership. Your ability to provide a home for yourself and/or your family should not be tied to having tens of thousands of dollars to put down on a house. Homeownership is a proven way to build financial wealth, strengthen communities, create memories and keep families safe. The Commission's loan programs help make this possible for thousand of Washingtonians each year. Without these programs, hundreds of my borrowers would not access to the American Dream just because they might not have enough for a down payment. These programs matter and change lives for the better. Contact me at 206-550-9918 or email MLO #1432415



Listed are the top five in each region with a minimum of two WSHFC loans in the last quarter, April - June 2020*.

County: Benton | Chelan | Clallam | Clark | Cowlitz | Grant | Grays Harbor | Island | Jefferson | King | Kitsap | Kittitas | Lewis | Pierce | Skagit | Snohomish | Spokane | Thurston | Walla Walla | Whatcom | Yakima 

Benton County

Stephanie Search, Summit Funding, Kennewick, 33 loans*, 509-783-4593, 

Gordon Drane, Umpqua Bank, Kennewick, 12 loans*, 509-591-0302,

Chad Crithfield, Prime Lending, Richland, 11 loans*, 509-539-8043,

Elizabeth Wilkerson, Summit Funding, Kennewick, 11 loans*, 509-783-4593,

Kieth Hobart, Peak Mortgage, Kennewick, 10 Loans*, 509-586-7325,

Chelan County

April Brown, Dwell Mortgage, Wenatchee, 4 loans*, 509-497-2038,

Drake Dornfeld, Guild Mortgage, Wenatchee, 3 loans*, 509-293-9245,

Janie Shrader, Guild Mortgage, Wenatchee, 3 loans*, 509-670-4125,

Silvia Lopez, Wheatland Bank, Wenatchee, 3 loans*, 509-663-5100,

Clay Schoengarth, Caliber Home Loans, Wenatchee, 3 loans*, 509-264-7102,

Kami Allen, Evergreen Home Loans, Wenatchee, 2 loans*, 509-664-3436,

Patrick Davidson, Caliber Home Loans, Wenatchee, 2 loans*, 509-293-6316,

Clallam County

Michele Adkisson, Evergreen Home Loans, Sequim, 5 loans*, 360-689-9168,

Clark County

Azure Calder, Evergreen Home Loans, Vancouver, 11 loans*, 360-314-0350,

Daniel Salgado, Willamette Valley Bank, Vancouver, 9 loans*, 360-334-6006,

Christabelle Bernard, LoanDepot, Vancouver, 8 loans*, 206-817-5606,

Paula Nirschl-Robb, Guild Mortgage, Vancouver, 8 loans*, 360-816-5203,

Deanna McClelland, Primary Residential Mortgage, Vancouver, 7 loans*, 360-450-5482,

Donald Owen, Guild Mortgage, Vancouver, 7 loans*, 360-635-3653,

Cowlitz County

Angelina Rice, Life Mortgage, Longview, 18 loans*, 360-575-9946,

Jon Trussel, Guild Mortgage, Longview, 9 loans*, 360-200-6607,

Brittany Howells, Life Mortgage, Longview, 7 loans*, 360-414-4000,

Kari-Ann Botero, Academy Mortgage, Kelso, 7 loans*, 360-577-6000,

Kristi Barber, Academy Mortgage, Longview, 7 loans*, 360-957-1757,

Grant County

Kelly Price, Guild Mortgage, Moses Lake, 3 loans*, 509-766-7788,

Melanie Strevy, Evergreen Home Loans, Moses Lake, 3 loans*, 509-855-4025,

Sarah Bullinger, Movement Mortgage, Moses Lake, 3 loans*, 509-855-3805,

Anne Fisher, Movement Mortgage, Moses Lake, 2 loans*, 509-989-5510,

Clark Schweigert, Evergreen Home Loans, Moses Lake, 2 loans*, 509-855-4025,

Joel Martinez, Envoy Mortgage, Ephrata, 2 loans*, 509-754-3099,

Grays Harbor County

Anthony Elder, Bank of the Pacific, Aberdeen, 3 loans*, 360-537-4074,

Island County

Jacki Jacukowicz, Guild Mortgage, Oak Harbor, 2 loans*, 360-675-6106,

Jefferson County

Aimee Dennis, Caliber Home Loans, Port Townsend, 2 loans*, 360-808-1700,

King County

Kerwin Lyon, Guild Mortgage, Seattle, 16 loans*, 425-652-3333,

April Reichert, Guild Mortgage, Federal Way, 14 loans*, 253-252-7005,

Crystal Smith, Premier Mortgage Resources, Federal Way, 12 loans*, 253-299-4657,

Josh Westmark, Bay Equity, Federal Way, 12 loans*, 253-336-4064,

Juan Baltazar, Homeseed Mortgage, Bellevue, 11 loans*, 425-455-4663,

Yesenia Celestino, New American Funding, Seattle, 11 loans*, 206-491-0591,

Kitsap County

Amber Page, Evergreen Home Loans, Silverdale, 12 loans*, 360-698-6495,

Meika Hall, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, 4 loans*, 360-621-1850,

Melanie Rowe, Axia Financial, Silverdale, 4 loans*, 360-633-4455,

Ryan Christian, Evergreen Home Loans, Silverdale, 4 loans*, 360-356-1597,

Timothy Stockton, Evergreen Home Loans, Silverdale, 4 loans*, 360-698-6497,

Clinton Edwards, Evergreen Home Loans, Port Orchard, 3 loans*, 360-731-8893,

Deanne Gonia, Primary Residential Mortgage, Bremerton, 3 loans*, 360-362-1349,

Kathy Hite, 1st Security Bank of WA, Poulsbo, 3 loans*, 360-874-7723,

Marcy Richards-Twardowski, LoanDepot, Silverdale, 3 loans*, 206-851-0955,

Val Hawryluk, Evergreen Home Loans, Silverdale, 3 loans*, 360-698-6440,


Tara Brown, Evergreen Home Loans, Ellensburg, 3 loans*, 509-899-4043,

Kevin Hansen, Cornerstone Home Lending, Ellensburg, 2 loans*, 425-350-1640,

Lewis County

Travis Wentworth, Academy Mortgage, Centralia, 8 loans*, 360-508-1360,

McKenzie Kelly, Prime Lending, Chehalis, 3 loans*, 360-807-4491,

Jacek Gillispie, Summit Funding, Chehalis, 2 loans*, 360-330-4037,

Pierce County

William Dunger, Absolute Mortgage, University Place, 12 loans*, 253-232-5843,

Shari Bell-Beals, New American Funding, Tacoma, 11 loans*, 253-225-3399,

April Janas, Bay Equity, Puyallup, 9 loans*, 206-841-7825,

Joe Raquiza, Absolute Mortgage, University Place, 9 loans*, 253-617-1555,

Amy Remington, Guild Mortgage, Tacoma, 7 loans*, 360-791-2754,

Bill Hannon, Academy Mortgage, Tacoma, 7 loans*, 253-381-9000,

Mike Trombley, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Puyallup, 7 loans*, 253-200-4617,

Peter Lopez, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Fife, 7 loans*, 253-200-3255,

Skagit County

Emily Griffin, Guild Mortgage, Mount Vernon, 6 loans*, 360-420-6175,

Samuel Borthwick, Wolfe Financial, Mt. Vernon, 6 loans*, 206-853-4447,

Clarissa Wong, , Umpqua Bank, Mount Vernon, 4 loans*, 360-230-2244,

Suzanne Devries, Umpqua Bank, Mount Vernon, 4 loans*, 360-230-2246,

Piero Rodriguez, Umpqua Bank, Mount Vernon, 2 loans*, 360-230-2241,

Snohomish County

Jason Gosser, Guild Mortgage, Everett, 30 loans*, 425-615-6303,

Cameron Lillibridge, Premier Mortgage Resources, Everett, 25 loans*, 425-296-6361,

Trevor Roberge, Capstone Home Loans, Lynnwood, 17 loans*, 425-765-6605,

Jason Tsang, On Q Financial, Lynnwood, 10 loans*, 253-208-5751,

Sharon Crockett, Prime Lending, Marysville, 9 loans*, 425-327-1451,

Spokane County

Christy King, Wheatland Bank, Spokane, 16 loans*, 509-458-5965,

Laura Wells, Envoy Mortgage, Spokane, 11 loans*, 877-862-8362,

Matt Riener, Premier Mortgage Resources, Spokane Valley, 11 loans*, 509-315-3277,

Jared Wash, Wheatland Bank, Spokane, 9 loans*, 509-237-3567,

Skip Leasure, Wheatland Bank, Spokane, 8 loans*, 509-458-5963,

Thurston County

Melanie Boyajian, Academy Mortgage, Lacey, 11 loans*, 360-880-5237,

James Nesbit, Academy Mortgage, Tumwater, 10 loans*, 360-236-9777,

Wendy DeBorde, Guild Mortgage, Olympia, 7 loans*, 360-491-3282,

Stephanie Thomasson, Academy Mortgage, Tumwater, 6 loans*, 360-236-9777,

Brenda Thornbrue, Academy Mortgage, Lacey, 4 loans*, 360-999-5904,

Julie Shank, Caliber Home Loans, Olympia, 4 loans*, 360-489-7460,

Michelle Wickett, Axia Home Loans, Lacey, 4 loans*, 360-791-0513,

Ron Hanson, Guild Mortgage, Olympia, 4 loans*, 360-402-4697,

Walla Walla County

Tera Davis, Academy Mortgage, Walla Walla, 10 loans*, 509-527-3375,

Michael White, Premier Mortgage Resources, Walla Walla, 4 loans*, 509-529-0800,

Angela Torres, Premier Mortgage Resources, Walla Walla, 3 loans*, 509-529-0800,

Whatcom County

Dustin Brumley, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 6 loans*, 360-389-6605,

Casey Porter, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 5 loans*, 360-510-2840,

Lena Shammel, Umpqua Bank, Bellingham, 5 loans*, 360-937-0961,

Joshua Henry, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 4 loans*, 360-224-0841,

Brian Crovo, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 3 loans*, 360-920-5713,

Nicole Walker, Umpqua Bank, Bellingham, 3 loans*, 360-672-5301,

Randy Dorn, Caliber Home Loans, Bellingham, 3 loans*, 360-441-4178,

Yakima County

Blanca Pulido, Willamette Valley Bank, Yakima, 13 loans*, 509-240-8282,

Angie Giussi, Evergreen Home Loans, Yakima, 10 loans*, 509-594-4681,

Chrissy Andreas, Evergreen Home Loans, Yakima, 6 loans*, 509-594-4671,

Jose Ramos, Caliber Home Loans, Yakima, 6 loans*, 509-317-8409,

Linda Orozco, Academy Mortgage, Yakima, 6 loans*, 509-907-6200,

Ty Beaudry, Homeside Financial, Yakima, 6 loans*, 509-930-6549,

* number of WSHFC Loans closed in the last quarter


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