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Bidder Question and Answers updated 1/7/2022

This Q&A is updated regularly. To submit a question regarding the Strategic Planning RFP, email Questions will be accepted through January 19, 2022, and the last Q&A posted on January 20.

  1. Question: What budget range have you identified? This allows us to scope the project appropriately to your capacity and needs.
    Answer: We have an initial budget of up to $50,000 for the project.
  2. Question: I see the dates included in the schedule overview and the terms of contract section showing likely contract terms. What is the agency’s preferred timeframe for the strategic planning work, more specifically than the start and end dates of the contract?
    Answer: We envision this project in two phases: first, working with the consultant to develop the steps of the process and its timeline; and second, implementing those steps to finalize a new vision, mission, and strategic plan that we can continue to build on. We hope that the two phases together will take between three and six months.
  3. Question: Does the agency envision that the strategic planning facilitation will take place in person or via virtual platforms?
    Answer: We remain hopeful that we can do part of this process in person, though the ongoing pandemic makes it difficult to predict. So we expect virtual platforms to figure prominently.
  4. Question: I was hoping you could clarify for me whether or not firms planning to bid for your project will need to register their business with the state of Washington before doing so? If this is the case, would you be so kind as to direct me to the website where this process can be completed online?
    Answer: You don’t need to register your business in order to submit a proposal, but we would not be able to contract with you until that was completed, should you be chosen as our consultant. Information on the process can be found at the Washington State Department of Revenue website here.
  5. Question: Can we submit the proposals via email?
    Answer: Yes, proposals must be submitted via email, preferably in one single PDF.
  6. Question: Can firms that are outside the U.S. apply? Would we need to come over there for meetings? Can we perform that tasks related to the RFP outside the U.S.?
    Answer: We will consider any bidders who are licensed to do business in Washington. Out-of-state applicants should address how they would provide the same level of service as those located in Washington, particularly when facilitating discussions and community engagement.

Deadline for submission:
Friday, January 21, 2022, 5 PM PST

All contact with the Commission by respondents to this Request for Proposals will be through:
Margret Graham
Washington State Housing Finance Commission


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