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Request for Proposals (PDF)

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WSHFC requests proposals from highly professional, cooperative and responsive master loan servicers with a successful secondary market and efficient conduit operation to allow continued growth of the program to assist more low to moderate income families. The Commission reserves the right to determine how to divide its portfolio in the event we select multiple loan servicers. The Master Servicer(s) selected will be an active member of the finance team and a partner with the Commission and participating lenders to deliver creative and successful affordable housing products to meet the housing finance needs of the citizens of Washington State. Please visit our website at

Bidder Question and Answers updated 8/11/2022

This Q&A is updated regularly. To submit a question regarding the Master Servicer RFP, email

  1. Question: We currently service the Commission’s government loans up to 45%. With that said, the bid proposal asks for both government conventional pricing. Should we provide our Conventional pricing?
    Answer: It is up to your own discretion how you wish to bid.
  2. Question: For conventional, can we please get the following data points from you in order to do so?
    Answer: Past 12 Months Production:
    • AVG Balance: Our average loan amount is $358,396 per the RFP.
    • AVG Note Rate – Unavailable
    • AVG FICO – 734
    • AVG LTV – Unavailable – Assume maximum financing.
    • AVG – CLTV – 105% - Assume maximum financing.
    • AVG DTI – Unavailable
    • DPA Type – Home Advantage
    • DPA % - 4% of loan amount
  3. Question: : Regarding Question 7 – Do you want 5 total references or 10 total references (5 from lenders and 5 from HFAs)?
    Answer: Please provide 5 total references.

Deadline for submission:
Monday, August 29, 2022, 5 PM PST

All contact with the Commission by respondents to this Request for Proposals will be through:
Lisa DeBrock
Director, Homeownership Division
Washington State Housing Finance Commission


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