9% Competitive Tax Credit
Pre-Application Approval Request

Pre-Approval Application Requests are due by November 17, 2017,
60 days prior to the full Application Deadline.

1. Leverage Approval Request
Please Note: Applicants seeking points for sponsor loans or charitable donations must have backup to document the source and have at least 50% of the funds received at the time of application. These sources must be approved by the Commission 60 days prior to the submission of an application. Please contact Commission staff to schedule a meeting to discuss and seek approval for these points.

2. Waiver of the Total Development Cost Limits (Excel)
3. Non-Rural State Designated Basis Boost (Word)

*Each preapproval request form and the supporting documentation for that request should be combined into a single PDF file. A project with more than one preapproval request should submit a PDF file for each preapproval request (e.g. one file for Waiver of TDC limits and one file for approval of Non-Rural State Designated Basis Boost). All Preapproval request files should be emailed to by the deadline stated above. 


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